In Search of Theodoor Van Loon (1581/82-1649)

Caravaggist Active in Rome and Brussels

Individual visitors - Lecture

A lecture by Dr. Sabine van Sprang (The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium) on 21 October 2018

In Brussels a first exhibition on Theodoor van Loon opened on 10 October 2018 at Bozar, jointly organized with the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels. Van Loon, one of the most original painters of the Southern Netherlands, was mostly active in Brussels but went at least three times to Rome. There he discovered the innovative Italian painting of the 1580–1620 period and became one of the first Flemish Caravaggists. This lecture shed new light on Van Loon’s life and work and proposed a new chronology of his paintings based on recent findings.

The lecture was held in Dutch.

With the support of the Baillet Latour Fund.