To make its collections accessible, the Rubenianum collaborates with Anet, which is responsible for developing the Brocade software management system.

Anet is the Library Automation Team of the University of Antwerp, which develops the Brocade library management system and archival description system.

  • In 2012 the Rubenianum’s library joined the network  of 25 academic libraries in Antwerp and Limburg, which is called 'Anet'. Besides the library’s own collection – 85,000 books, catalogues and articles (e.g. in journals) – this joint catalogue also contains the thousands of documentation files on artists.
  • Since 2014 art-historical archives have been registered according to the standards defined in the Brocade archival description system, enabling you to search the vast collection for whichever sections of the archives you may require for your research.
  • In the migration from the Rubenianum to Anet, it was decided to maintain the possibility of searching the entire collection with keywords relating to art-historical subjects: a first within the library network. This subject-based approach was emulated by the network partners: since 2014 the Rubenianum has assisted in the migration from Anet’s art libraries to the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT).