Arnout Balis Memorial Fund

The Rubenianum Fund has decided to create a special fund in honour of Arnout Balis. This fund will ensure the publication in book form of a broad selection of the many articles published by Arnout throughout his long and productive career.

The book will bring together essays and other writings on a wide range of topics to which he has put his inquisitive mind. Presently, these remain scattered over a great number of journals and catalogues, and were published in a variety of languages. Together, they will serve as summation of the work of a formidable scholar. The other proceeds from the memorial fund will serve to supplement the means of the Rubenianum Fund in order to continue the publication of the remaining volumes of the Corpus Rubenianum.


The Arnout Balis Memorial Fund has received some 80.000€, for the publication of a volume of his collected essays.

The great generosity of many donors is highly valued by the whole Rubenianum team.

Our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Aarts Marina
  • Ainsworth Maryan
  • Balis Geertrui
  • Balis Gon
  • Borchert Till -Horger
  • Bussers Helena
  • Broere Cornelius
  • De Nave Francine
  • Haboldt Bob
  • Holvoet Stephane
  • Huyghebaert Jan
  • Keij Gijs
  • Koetser David
  • Kruyfhooft Cecile
  • Leysen Thomas
  • Logan Anne-Marie
  • Mc Grath Liz
  • Moerman Filip
  • Reynaers Martine
  • Seynave Leon
  • Silver-Shack Elizabeth
  • Van Marle Tijo
  • Vilsmeier Sonja Elisabeth
  • Weatherbie Matthew and Susan


Those who wish to make a contribution can send their donation to
the King Baudouin Foundation, iban be10 0000 0000 0404,
bic: bpotbeb1,
with the following communication +++ 623/3672/50092 +++