Conference and reception rooms

The Rubenianum offers you the opportunity to hire the historic Kolveniershof for your event.

The Rubenianum can be hired for groups of 150 to 180 persons. You can hire the use of a reception room on the ground floor, an auditorium on the first floor, and the courtyard. The building does not have a lift. Access to the auditorium is only by using the staircase.



The fee varies, depending on factors such as the length of time for which the venue is hired and the time of your event.

Reception room and auditorium (max. 140 persons)

Fee for the first four hours        Fee per day

Cat. 1    Cat. 2                               Cat. 1    Cat. 2

Weekday            300        600                                  600        1200
Sat/Sunday       360        720                                  720         1440


Reception room, auditorium and courtyard (max. 140 persons)

Evening fee

Cat. 1    Cat. 2

Weekday            1200      2400
Sat/Sunday       1440      2880


  • Amounts in euro.
  • Category I: non-profit organisations.
  • Category II: commercial organizations and private individuals
  • The building cannot be hired on public holidays.
  • Reservations must be made between six weeks and six months ahead of time.

See the Regulations governing charges and the Regulations governing the hiring of the premises.

For more information about hiring rooms, send an email to