The Jansen Collection

Documentation/archive of Adolf Jansen about sculpture and applied arts


Adolf Jansen (1899-1989) ended his career as curator of the sculpture department at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels. He was an expert in his field, sculpture and applied arts, with a focus on the 17th and 18th centuries and therefore has numerous publications and lectures to his name.


The collection mainly consists of Jansen's "hand documentation": more than a hundred folders with notes, photos, clippings, publications and other documents that he compiled during his career and from which he drew for the elaboration of publications and exhibitions.

The collection is inextricably linked to the artwork documentation of Jansen's research partner Charles Van Herck (1884-1955), which is also kept in the Rubenianum.


The archival collection is completely inventoried and searchable in our archival database. The archive can be consulted in the reading room after contacting the Rubenianum via Please also send a request through our collection catalogue.