Picturing Ludwig Burchard (1886-1960)

A Rubens Scholar in Art-Historiographical Perspective

In 1963 the scholarly estate of the Rubens researcher Ludwig Burchard arrived in the port of Antwerp. Down to the present day, it constitutes the Rubenianum’s core collection.

Who was the man who was so important to the founding of the Rubenianum? What was his role in research on Rubens? What sort of network did he have? What are the primary characteristics of the library and the documentation that he bequeathed? This publication answers these and other questions.


  • Philip Heylen: Foreword
  • Véronique Van de Kerckhof: Foreword
  • Lieneke Nijkamp, Koen Bulckens & Prisca Valkeneers: Editors’ Preface
  • Frans Baudouin 'Dr Ludwig Burchard (1886–1960) and his Role in the Study of Rubens and Seventeenth-Century Flemish Art'
  • Bibliography of Ludwig Burchard
  • Interview with Anne Olivier Bell: Assistant to Ludwig Burchard 1939–1941
  • Hans Vlieghe: Ludwig Burchard and Rubensforschung
  • Prisca Valkeneers: 'Axis and Allies: Ludwig Burchard’s Network During the Second World War'
  • Christopher White: 'The Rubens Exhibition at Wildenstein’s, London, 1950'
  • Lieneke Nijkamp: 'On the Record(s): Burchard’s Material Legacy'
  • Koen Bulckens: 'A Brief History of the Catalogue Raisonné'
  • Suzanne Laemers: '"Good old Max": the German Art Historian Max J. Friedländer (1867–1958), Contemporary of  Ludwig Burchard'
  • Hilde Cuvelier: '"Empathy and deep understanding": Fritz Grossmann (1902–1984) and his Bruegel Archive at the Rubenianum'
  • Bert Watteeuw: 'Epilogue: "Aufmerksamkeit nicht immer gleichmäßig"'


L. Nijkamp, K. Bulckens, P. Valkeneers (eds.)
Picturing Ludwig Burchard (1886-1960). A Rubens Scholar in Art-Historiographical Perspective. 
Turnhout : Harvey Miller, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-909400-20-7 .164 p., ill.
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