Project auction catalogues

The Rubenianum manages a large collection of catalogues produced by auction houses in all parts of the world. An inventory had been drawn up of these 28,000 catalogues, but they were not yet indexed at item level. This project changed that.

Making 30,000 auction catalogues accessible within the space of five years

To streamline management and services, the Rubenianum has developed a universal descriptive model for bibliographic access to auction catalogues within Overleg Kunstbibliotheken Vlaanderen, Flanders' art libraries platform (OKBV). The library network Anet was the first to implement this model.

At the beginning of 2015 the Rubenianum cataloguer embarked on a five-year project that involves producing descriptions of all the individual auction catalogues in the Rubenianum’s collection. This will make it possible for anyone to search the entire collection using not only the customary bibliographic search options (title, author, edition etc.) but also the place and date of the auction.

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