RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History

A partnership of two research institutes

Making art-historical documentation accessible to those engaged in professional research is a core task of both the Rubenianum in Antwerp and the RKD in The Hague. The two institutes therefore collaborate to achieve the digital documentation of Flemish art and to pool their expertise.

The basic principle is to complement each other’s activities: the Rubenianum tailors its working processes to those of the RKD, and highlights substantive accents based on its specific expertise in relation to Flemish art.

Concretely, the Rubenianum enriches the database RKD by supplying documentation – digital images, information on artworks, and bibliographical references – relating to early modern Flemish art. In addition, the two institutions are closely involved in each other’s projects.

Since the RKD and the Rubenianum serve the same target groups and fulfill similar roles, this structural partnership is not only mutually beneficial but is also advantageous to researchers and art lovers.

For more information about this partnership, see TRQ 2012/3META 2012/8 and Codart news.