Rubenianum Fellowship

An annual research fellowship

Young American researchers who are affiliated with an American university and who are working on the Flemish art of the 16th and 17th centuries can apply for a research fellowship for a residency at the Rubenianum.

What is a research fellowship?

Young American researchers who are working on early modern Flemish art can apply through the Rubenianum Fellowship program for a grant for a residency of between six and twelve months at the Rubenianum.

For researchers who wish to stay at the Rubenianum at their own expense, please see here.


Who is eligible to apply for a research fellowship?

These fellowships are exclusively for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Those under thirty years of age will be given precedence.


What are research fellowship recipients expected to do?

  • they are expected to take part in inter-university seminars in Leuven and Ghent;
  • they are expected to give one Sunday morning lecture at the Kolveniershof for the general public and a short academic presentation of their work for the academic staff;
  • they are expected to describe the scope of their research in the Rubenianum Quarterly.


Practical points

The grant attached to this fellowship is USD 28,000 for a 12-month stay. A smaller amount, proportional to the period of residence (with a minimum of six months) is paid for shorter stays.

  • Fellows receive health insurance.
  • Knowledge of the Dutch language increases the likelihood of acceptance.
  • The candidate must be resident in Belgium for the period of the fellowship.
  • The application form can be downloaded from the BAEF website.

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The Rubenianum Fellowship is made possible thanks to the support of Mrs Eric Le Jeune, in memory of Eric Le Jeune and the Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF).