The Rubenianum Quarterly

This is the three-monthly newsletter about the research projects and activities of the Rubens partners in Antwerp.


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List of past issues

2019 | 3

  • The Rubenshuis acquires a rare work by Otto van Veen by Ben Van Beneden
  • Portrait of a Bruegel expert by Elise Gacoms
  • A drawing by Otto van Veen in the Rubens House rediscovered and identified by Sarah Van Ooteghem
  • Madonna meets Mad Meg at Museum Mayer van den Bergh

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2019 | 2

  • Rubens’s designs for Architectural Sculpture by Valérie Herremans
  • Two rediscovered oil sketches by Abraham van Diepenbeeck by Adam Sammut, PhD candidate, University of York, UK
  • Archive of Hans Gerhard Evers: Another Rubenianum Special Collection now inventoried by Elise Gacoms
  • Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568–1625): A Magnificent Draughtsman! Antwerp, Snijders&Rockox House, 5 October 2019–26 January 2020

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2019 | 1

  • Rubens’s garden screen and loggia restored by Ben Van Beneden
  • Vincent Malò’s Assumption of the Virgin in the Galleria Colonna unveiled by Bert Schepers
  • Artistic Connections between Antwerp and Genoa Symposium and book launch: 20 September 2019, Rubenianum

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2018 | 4

  • Rubenianum Fund Field Trip to Holland
  • Corpus Rubenianum. In memoriam Carl Van de Velde 1936–2018
  • Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard, part xii. Allegories and Subjects from Literature by Nils Büttner

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2018 | 3

  • Rubens Oil Sketches in Rotterdam
  • Corpus Rubenianum. Interview with Dominique Allard 'Getting people on side for something beautiful'
  • The Connoisseurs' Tribune. Isabella d'Este in Black. A unique drawing from the studio of Rubens discovered in Lier

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2018 | 2

  • Rubens's St Andrew 'de los Flamencos' comes home
  • The next CRLB volume scheduled for publication in September 2018. Architecture and Sculpture: The Jesuit Church of Antwerp by Ria Fabri and Piet Lombaerde
  • The Quellinus Dynasty

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2018 | 1

  • The Snijders&Rockox House: A museum full of surprises in the heart of Antwerp
  • Three women unleashed in the Flemish drawings collections
  • The Connoisseurs' Tribune, A new attribution to Gillis van Coninxloo II 1544-1606/07

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2017 | 4

  • A master plan for the Rubens site
  • Alexis Merle du Bourg introduces his Corpus volume on Rubens's Henri IV series
  • Van Dyck, Rubens, Hillewerve and the Amazons

2017 | 3

  • Peter Paul Rubens: The Power of Transformation
  • Adriaen de Bie meets Caravaggio: The Saint Eligius Altarpiece, Lier
  • The Rubenianum Fund Field Trip to Princely Rome, October 2017 by Michel Ceuterick

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2017 | 2

  • In Memoriam Eric Le Jeune 1934-2017
  • The Ministry of Christ. Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard XIII:2 by Koen Bulckens
  • Rubens's Return from Egypt returns home by Karen Bonne

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2017 | 1

  • The Sky is the Limit. Rockoxhuis shows landscape paintings from the Low Countries.
  • Brecht Vanoppen - Another precious collaborator at the Rubenianum introduces himself
  • Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens as an inspiration

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2016 | 4

  • Looking beyond 2018: The Rubenianum participates in the Jan Breughel project
  • Visiting researchers Katharine Campbell and Suzanne Duff 
    Introduced by Bert Watteeuw, Curator of Research Collections at the Rubenianum
  • The Calumny of Apelles by Maerten de Vos

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2016 | 3

  • Rubenianum Fellow Elizabeth Gebauer on her research
  • Financial Overview of the Rubenianum Fund
  • Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard XXVII (1) 
    Works in Collaboration: Brueghel I & II
  • New York revisited

2016 | 2

  • Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders 2016: The Age of Rubens in Context
  • Short-term editorial assistant Marlise Rijks helped prepare forthcoming CRLB volume
    Portraits after Existing Prototypes
  • Rubenianum Field Trip, New York, 13-15 May 2016

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  • Rubenianum Fund 2010 - 2020, Midterm Report
  • Interviews with Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard (CRLB) authors

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2016 | 1

  • Announcing project Collection Ludwig Burchard II
  • New staff member archival and documentary collections
    Elise Gacoms introduces herself and her activities at the Rubenianum
  • Elizabeth McGrath interviewed by Gregory Martin

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2015 | 4

  • The great tradition of Antwerp landscape painting
  • Interview with 2015-16 Rubenianum Fellow Jamie Richardson
  • Some important new acquisitions for the Rubenshuis

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2015 | 3

  • A fine gesture from one of our donors intensifies the bond between scholars and patrons
  • 'Seeing the wood for the trees': introducing project associate Elise Boutsen and patron Eric Le Jeune
  • The New Hollstein Rubens: Towards a new catalogue raisonné of prints after Peter Paul Rubens

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2015 | 2

  • The Antwerp field trip of the Rubenianum Fund
  • Aaron Hyman about the work he did as a researcher in residence at the Rubenianum

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2015 | 1

  • Presentation of a new volume of the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard
  • A visit to Rubens’s private life. The master’s portrait of his family in the Rubenshuis

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2014 | 4

  • The Rubenianum Fund’s trip to Genoa with Rubens and Van Dyck
  • Karen De Meyst on the subject of Digitizing the Corpus Rubenianum

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2014 | 3

  • Nico Van Hout on the exhibition Sensation and Sensuality in BOZAR
  • ​Dirk Buelens on the project of making the Ludwig Burchard collection accessible
  • Isabelle Van Tichelen about her work at the Centrum Rubenianum

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2014 | 2

  • An opportunity to meet the new Director of Publications at the Centrum Rubenianum: Koenraad Jonckheere
  • Prisca Valkeneers on the subject of Rubens's pupil Justus van Egmont

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2014 | 1

  • Abigail Newman on the subject of her research on Flemish artists in Madrid
  • Karolien De Clippel and Filip Vermeylen about the project Cultural transmission and artistic exchanges in the Low Countries
  • The Rubenshuis presents a newly-acquired sketch by Justus van Egmont

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2013 | 4

  • Interview with Anne-Marie Logan
  • Report of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Rubenianum
  • Sarah Moran and Ivo Raband on their period as visiting scholars at the Rubenianum

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2013 | 3

  • Bert Watteeuw on his work at the Rubenianum as curator of documentation
  • Thomas Leysen and Michel Ceuterick behind the scenes of the royal visit to Louvre-Lens
  • Ben Van Beneden,  director of the Rubenshuis, on the dossier exhibition Rubens tegendraads

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2013 | 2

  • Hildegard van de Velde, curator of the Rockox House, about art collecting in Antwerp
  • Marieke D’Hooghe of the Centrum Rubenianum about her work as a research assistant
  • Presentation of a new publication and exhibition together with an innovative project on Rubens

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2013 | 1

  • Interview with director Dominique Allard about the activities relating to art and cultural heritage of the King Boudewijn Foundation
  • An introduction to the authors of the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard

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2012 | 4

  • Bert Schepers on the singerie painting that was recently acquired by the Rubenshuis
  • Adam Eaker on his period as a visiting scholar at the Rubenianum

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2012 |  3

  • The partnership between the Rubenianum and the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) in The Hague
  • Koen Bulckens on the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard and the Rembrandt Research Project
  • Ben Van Beneden discusses the new acquisitions of the Rubenshuis

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2012 | 2

  • Carl Van de Velde on his research on the information relating to Rubens’s birth
  • Lieneke Nijkamp on her work as a research assistant at the Rubenianum

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2012 | 1

  • Brief report of the presentation of Koen Brosens’s volume of the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard in Paris
  • Ute Staes on the library of the Rubenianum
  • Interview with Gregory Martin

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2011 | 4

  • Interview with Viviane Verbraeken, head of the reading room
  • Carl Van de Velde on the correspondence of Rubens
  • Valérie Herremans on an oil sketch from the collection of the Rubenshuis

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2011 | 3

  • Interview with Véronique Van de Kerckhof, director of the Rubenianum
  • The exhibition Palazzo Rubens and Rubens’s relationship with architecture
  • News on the colloquium The notion of the painter-architect in Italy and the Southern Netherlands

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2011 | 2

  • The Centrum Rubenianum and its two editorial assistants
  • Presentation of a new Rubens drawing in the Koninklijke Museums voor Schone Kunsten van België
  • News about an important acquisition for the Rubenianum

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2011 | 1

  • Arnout Balis on Rubens’s Theoretical Notebook
  • Anne-Marie Logan on the collection of Rubens drawings that was sold at auction in New York
  • Meeting with the authors of the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard, with Fiona Healy

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2010 | 3

  • Presentation of the second volume of the Corpus ‘after Italian masters’ in Madrid.
  • The Rubenianum Fund had an exclusive viewing there of the Rubens exhibition at the Museo del Prado, with 90 works by the master

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2010 | 2

  • Ben Van Beneden on an acquisition for the Rubenshuis: a self-portrait of Jacob Jordaens playing the bagpipes, a glimpse of popular culture in 17th-century Antwerp

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2010 | 1

  • Arnout Balis on the masterpiece by Rubens that was sold for over £9 million at Christie’s London on 6 July 2010: A Commander being armed for Battle

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