Rubens in Stuttgart

The Rubenianum is a partner in the scholarly preparation of a Rubens exhibition in Stuttgart planned for 2021. One of the research findings has already been published by the exhibition’s co-curator, Prof. Nils Büttner, together with Dr. Anna Orlando in The Rubenianum Quarterly 2020│4.

The Rubenianum is a partner in the scholarly preparations for the exhibition Becoming Famous. Peter Paul Rubens (22/10/2021-20/02/2022), organized by the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste and the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart and curated by Prof. Nils Büttner and Sandra-Kristin Diefenthaler.

We regret that our planned joint conferences have not taken place yet because of the pandemic. However, we still hope to be able to present the scientific findings of the curators and authors’ team, as well as of the restoration workshop in Stuttgart. One discovery by Prof. Nils Büttner and Dr Anna Orlando has already been published in The Rubenianum Quarterly 2020/4. Read here how they identified two female sitters in Rubens’ Genoese portraits.