Flanders art libraries platform (OKBV)

The Flanders art libraries platform (OKBV) brings together professionals from Flemish and Brussels libraries that document the arts. The Rubenianum has been an active member of its board since the OKBV’s establishment in 2000.

Associated art librarians

The OKBV brings together professionals in the library and documentation sector in Flanders and Brussels that are active in the areas of the visual and applied arts, architecture, music and performing arts. These include independent institutions such as the Rubenianum as well as professionals attached to organizations ranging from museums and orchestras to universities.


By and for art libraries

  • In 2012 the OKBV drew up a descriptive model for auction catalogues. This model was first implemented by the participants in Anet: the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA), Middelheim Museum and the Rubenianum.
  • OKBV seminars focus on finding ways of facilitating art-historical research, for instance by scrutinizing the principles underlying collection policy, researching the use and management of digital resources, and evaluating ways of making content of collections more accessible.
  • Staff go on study visits to expand their knowledge of the ways in which art libraries function in Belgium and in the international arena.