Past symposia

From 2011 onwards

Antwerp as a European Print Factory

  • 3 June 2019
  • On June, 3rd, Forum BildDruckPapier will hold a lecture day at the Rubenianum on Antwerp graphics, as part of its annual congress (2-4 June 2019).
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Many Antwerp Hands

  • November 5-6, 2018
  • Collaborations in Netherlandish Art, 1400-1750
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From book to byte. Art publications in transition 

  • 21 April 2016
  • Seminar on the transition from print to online publication


‘Likeness and Kinship: Artistic Families from the Seventeenth Century Portrayed’

  • 22 June 2015
  • Accompanied the exhibition Rubens in Private. On the master’s portraits of his family in the Rubenshuis.


‘(Erf)Goed Documenteren: Over de relatie tussen archief en documentatie’ (‘Good practice in documenting heritage: on the relationship between archives and documentation’)


‘Considering Women in the Early Modern Low Countries’

  • 24-25 April 2015
  • Organized by the University of Antwerp and UNC Charlotte, in partnership with the Rubenianum.


‘[Un]dressing Rubens: Fashion and Painting in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp’

  • 8-9 May 2014
  • In partnership with the Catholic University of Leuven.
  • Proceedings published in A. Newman, L. Nijkamp (eds.), Undressing Rubens. Fashion and Painting in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp, London, 2019.


‘Picturing Ludwig Burchard (1886-1960): An historiographical analysis of a Rubens scholar’

  • 6 December 2013
  • Proceedings published in L. Nijkamp, K. Bulckens, P. Valkeneers (eds.), Picturing Ludwig Burchard, 1886-1960: A Rubens Scholar in Art-Historiographical Perspective, Turnhout, 2015.


‘Reading the Inventory: The Collection of the Portuguese Merchant-Banker Emmanuel Ximenez’ in Early Seventeenth-Century Antwerp

  • 29-30 November 2012
  • An event organized by the Institute of Art History, University of Bern and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, in partnership with the Rubenianum and the Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp.


‘Rubens and the Thirty Years War’

  • 10-11 May 2012
  • Organized by the University of Antwerp and the Society for Court Studies/University of Massachusetts, Boston, in partnership with the Rubenianum.


‘The Notion of the Painter Architect in Italy and the Southern Netherlands’

  • 1-3 December 2011
  • In samenwerking met Universiteit Antwerpen.
  • Proceedings published in P. Lombaerde (ed.), ‘The Notion of the Painter-Architect in Italy and the Southern Low Countries’, in Architectura Moderna: architectural exchanges in Europe, 16th-17th centuries, 11, Turnhout, 2014.