The Roger-A. d’Hulst Collection

Research archive relating to scholarship on Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678) and other Flemish masters, including documentation of artworks

History, content and structure

Roger-A. d’Hulst (1917-1996), professor of art history at the University of Ghent, founded the Centrum Rubenianum and presided over the organization for some time. The documentation that he built up for his research was donated to the Rubenianum after his death and most of it has been incorporated into the documentation on works of art.

In 1974 d’Hulst published a catalogue raisonné in which he included the entire oeuvre of Jacob Jordaens’s drawings. The work archive that he built up for this purpose is preserved as a separate collection and contains notes, correspondence and visual material relating to Jordaens. The collection is structured thematically. 

D'Hulsts documentation on other artists and schools was for the greater part integrated in the artwork documentation of the Rubenianum. His library was added to the Rubenianum's library.


Consulting this source

The archival collection is completely inventoried and searchable in our archival database. The archive can be consulted in the reading room after contacting the Rubenianum via Please also send a request through our collection catalogue.